November Letter

Dear Rainbow Garden Families,


I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to meet with you during parent teacher conferences.  I appreciate all your questions and insights.  It is so valuable when we can work together as a team.


Now that it is November, I am asking the children to wear coats, hats, and gloves every day.  Rain pants or snow pants are also helpful for added warmth.  Some families find it is easiest to have a hat and pair of gloves that stay at school.  Also, some of the children find it difficult to hold hands when they are wearing particularly bulky mittens.  Please don’t forget to label everything with your child’s name. Thank you for remembering to bring extra clothes.  On rainy or snowy days, many of the children need to change into warm, dry clothes when we come inside.


We have one birthday this month! Our dear Ms. Alya’s birthday is November 24th.  Happy birthday Ms. Alya!


Our annual Lantern Walk will be held this Sunday, November 10, at 5:30.  This is a beautiful and reverent festival that we share with the whole school community.  Monday-Tuesday children have already brought home their lanterns and the other children will bring theirs home on Friday.  I am including both a tea light and a battery candle so you can choose which you’d rather use.  (The battery candles are particularly useful  if it is windy during the walk.)


Look for upcoming information about the Winter Fair.  The Rainbow Garden is responsible for helping Mrs. Hunter set up the art display.  If you are interested being more involved in the Winter Fair, please let me know and I can point you in the right direction.


A reminder that Tamarack Waldorf School asks parents to limit media exposure, particularly for small children.  The following is an excerpt from the Family Handbook.


“To support the work we do as a Waldorf school, we seek your cooperation in limiting

your child’s exposure to television and other electronic media. At the very minimum, we

ask you to please not allow your children to view movies, television, computer or video

games before coming to school or before going to bed. It is especially important for the

children in kindergarten through fifth grade to be as free from the influences of the media

as possible.’


Thank you for your time and feel free to call me if there are any questions, at 372-5478 (home) or 277-0009 (school).


I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday full of family, warmth, and peace.


Mrs. Faith