Milwaukee High School Initiative Update

There is momentum to open a Milwaukee Waldorf High School to its first 9th grade in the fall of 2014. The Milwaukee Waldorf High School will participate in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, and be located near Tamarack Waldorf School. Your response to our first survey will help us in planning, most especially in determining how many seats to reserve for students already enrolled in Tamarack for the high school in the next several years.

Waldorf Education spans the entirety of childhood, from pre-school through high school graduation. Each phase of a Waldorf Education is built in a different way. In Kindergarten the children play and learn through imitation. In the grade school students are guided by a generalist – their class teacher – who is supported by specialists in the arts. In high school the students are met in each class by a specialist in his or her field, be it biology, chemistry, mathematics, literature, history, music, sports or the arts.

These specialized Waldorf high school teachers provide a cohesive and interweaving curriculum designed to support and encourage the adolescent’s ever-strengthening analytical skills and awakening true sense of self. A Waldorf High School uniquely respects the unfolding phases of adolescence, weaving together developmentally-appropriate academic rigor, artistic expression and real world experience. The Waldorf high school student spends a good deal of time in community-based projects, internships and mentored, self-initiated, long-term research projects.

There are currently 29 Waldorf High Schools in North America, each a reflection of its own community. The Milwaukee Waldorf High School will be, in a way that no other Waldorf School in America is really able, a true reflection of the community in which it is located, as is Tamarack Waldorf School.

The core group of the Milwaukee Waldorf High School initiative – Jill Herbst, James Boland and Kate Knuth – have been meeting weekly, consulting regularly with the faculty and Board, and will work through the summer. They are currently conducting research to author a feasibility study (completion date August 2013). Upon receiving the green light, student interviews will begin in the winter of 2013. By springtime a High School faculty will be gathered, space will be leased, and the doors of the Milwaukee Waldorf High School will open to its pioneering 9th grade in the autumn of 2014.

In gathering data, if would be very helpful if everyone in the community were to complete the Milwaukee Waldorf High School Survey ( Members of the Prairie Hill Waldorf School community in Pewaukee are also being asked to participate in the survey.

To stay connected with the activities of the Milwaukee Waldorf High School, please speak with Jill Herbst, James Boland or Kate Knuth – or send us an email at, and we’ll put you on our mailing list. For more information about Waldorf High School Education, please visit:

Youth Initiative (Waldorf) High School – Viroqua, WI

Chicago Waldorf School

Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor