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High School: JWM Turner: Mountains

We are delighted, thanks to the diligent and loving work of TWS parent Charles Worman, to connect with you now via our website and blog. Many thanks to him for his many hours of good work!

The High School Committee is hard at work pulling together the myriad pieces of the puzzle working up towards the opening of Tamarack Waldorf High School to its first freshman class just one year from now! We are looking at sites this week, as well as coming together in our regular weekly meeting to solidify processes for personnel search, admissions, outreach, upcoming events, and many more areas.

We are grateful to all who came out to our August 21st information evening at Tamarack, where the curriculum was examined in-depth. In September, look for a High School information evening at Tamarack with TedTalksEducation as our basis for discussion. And on September 23rd we will host a High School information evening at Prairie Hill Waldorf School, in Pewaukee.

Welcome! Stay tuned for the many details that are to follow…

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