April Letter

Dear Rainbow Garden Parents,                        April, 2014


Dare I say “spring has sprung”?  Although it seemed a long time in coming this year, the earth is awakening to wish us well as we enter the last weeks of the school year.  We will be spending more time outside so the children can really experience the changes this season brings.  As I mentioned to many of you at parent teacher conferences, I am hoping to begin meeting one day a week in the sand box so that we can start the day outside.  I would like to begin the Friday after Spring Break.  If all goes well, we may also add a Monday or Tuesday.  I will let you know additional details in the coming weeks.


Although the weather is starting to warm up, please keep in mind that the temperature near the lake is unpredictable and the children must be kept warm.  Children have a hard time feeling what their bodies need, especially in a transitional time like spring.  Please continue to send warm hats, mittens, snow pants and a warm jacket every day as well as a spring jacket every day until the weather stabilizes.  They also will need their rain boots, rain pants and a rain jacket to keep dry.  Extras are available but are limited, so if you need assistance obtaining any of these things, please see me.  Please continue to regularly check your child’s box for extra clothes.  If children don’t have extras, they might have to finish the day in wet clothes.  The park is very muddy and wet and some children change almost daily.


We will have our final class meeting of the year on Tuesday, April 30, from 6:00-8:00.  I’d like to begin with a simple potluck followed by a discussion on the transition to kindergarten.  Ms. Monica will join us to answer questions and give an overview on the kindergarten.  We hope to give you an idea about what you can expect as your child moves into one of the three kindergartens at Tamarack.


We have a few birthdays in the Rainbow Garden this month!  Milo celebrated his 4 year old birthday on April 2nd, and Charlotte will celebrate her 4th birthday on April 9th.  Miss Lisa will have a birthday on April 28th.


You may have heard from the children that I have a birthday this month too!  My birthday is April 15th.  Please don’t feel obligated to give me a gift!  I do have one birthday wish, though.  It just so happens that 100% Day for Tamarack’s Annual Appeal is the day after my birthday.  It would mean so much to me if the Rainbow Garden had 100% participation.  Remember, no gift is too small.



Mrs. Faith

A little brown bulb was asleep in the ground,

in her little brown nightie,

she slept very sound.

King Winter roared and raged over head,

but the little brown bulb did not move in her bed.

But when spring came tiptoeing over the lea,

with fingers to lips, as soft as can be.

The little brown bulb just lifted her head,

threw off her nightie and jumped out of bed!